Conflict of Interest Policy

    Conflict of Interest Policy

    Compliance Statement

    I acknowledge that I have received and understand Cabo Verdean American Medical Society’s (“CAMS”) current Conflict of Interest Policy (the “Policy”). I understand that I am expected to comply with the Policy and have the continuing responsibility to abide by the Policy. I understand that CAMS is a not for profit charitable, educational and research organization and that in order to maintain its federal tax exemption it must engage primarily in activities which accomplish one or more of its tax-exempt purposes.

    I do not, and to my knowledge, my family does not, have any conflict of interest as described in the Policy. I will update this statement annually and immediately upon becoming aware of any inaccuracy or incompleteness to the information disclosed above.

    I understand and agree that as a condition for serving as an officer, director or key employee of CAMS, I will exercise particular care that no detriment to CAMS will result from conflicts, if any, between my interests and those of CAMS.

    I agree to be bound by the terms of the Policy and certify that the information set forth above is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, complete and accurate.

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