Please donate Hemoglobin A1c tests to patients in Cabo Verde

Dear Friend of the Cabo Verdean American Medical Society,

As members of the Cabo Verdean American Medical Society prepare to return to the islands, we are asking for your support in our efforts to support primary care providers who are practicing in the islands. 

In 2022 our organization brought over 200 disposable hemoglobin A1c tests to CV and used them to screen and monitor diabetic patients.  Currently, A1c is not widely available in CV and primary care providers rely on fasting blood glucose tests.  Patients and primary care doctors appreciated the information the A1c provided and have requested that we bring tests back again this year.

The disposable test kits we used contain enough material to screen 20 patients and cost $200.   We would like to raise enough money to test 400 patients in 2024.  

We are working with our partners in the islands to expand their capacity to test HgA1c themselves, however this is a long process, and it is doubtful that they will be able to add this as regular testing in the next 12 months.   Our partners assure us that proving the benefits of HgA1c through our efforts will help them persuade decision makers to add A1c to the lab test available to them.

Please donate any amount you can to CVAMS on our website:

$100 will test 10 patients
$1000 will test 100 patients

Your donation will directly affect the health of our patients in the islands and help further the process of getting better diabetes testing for our patients in the future. 

Thanks so much for your consideration,

Please donate Hemoglobin A1c tests to patients in Cabo Verde
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